SkyPower Cares

Sharing the Gift of Light

SkyPower believes education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and that a child’s potential should not be hindered by his or her inability to study. Putting this belief into action, SkyPower donates portable solar-powered lights to students in remote communities with very limited or no access to electricity. These durable lights provide over four hours of safe lighting, allowing students to study long into the dark evening hours.

Over the past two years, our corporate social responsibility initiative, SkyPower Cares has distributed more than 5,000 portable solar-powered lights to students in African communities with intermittent or no access to electricity. Now, these students have the ability to study into the dark evening hours without relying on dangerous and expensive kerosene lanterns. In total, the solar lights bring more than 7.3 million hours of light each year, which translates into brighter futures.

After a successful launch in South Africa, the program continued in Tanzania.

Basic power is critical for empowering youth to become the leaders of tomorrow. This initiative invests in students so they can further their education, helping them develop skills that contribute to continued economic growth in their communities and the rest of the world. Through the SkyPower Cares initiative, SkyPower shares the gift of light and promotes access to sustainable energy for all.


Why Solar Lights?

Millions of people around the world have little or no access to electricity, often relying on highly flammable, expensive and polluting kerosene lanterns or candles as a primary source of light. Solar-powered lights offer a clean, safe and reliable alternative to kerosene lanterns and candles, helping families save money on energy-related expenses. These durable, portable lights transform the evening hours into productive study time. It’s estimated that replacing one kerosene lamp with a solar light averts one tonne of CO2 emissions.

“SkyPower’s vision is to inspire and encourage other caring corporations and individuals to help us make a difference for schoolchildren in unelectrified communities worldwide and help them break the cycle of poverty through personal empowerment.”

—Kerry Adler, SkyPower President & Chief Executive Officer

“These solar-powered lights are a shining example of a leading Canadian-managed company’s international contributions through corporate social responsibility. Canada has a long-standing commitment to ensuring girls, boys and youth have access to quality basic education and I commend SkyPower on making a difference through the SkyPower Cares initiative.”

—The Honourable Ed Fast, Canadian Minister of International Trade

“Together We Give is proud of the efforts SkyPower is making with the contribution of solar-powered lights to local youth. The lights will help empower the kids to study and live up to their potential.”

—Laura Catherine Marks, Executive Director & Founder of Together We Give